Get Oily/ Why natural oils are beauty's best gift

Get Oily/ Why natural oils are beauty's best gift

Last year, here at RRR HQ, we made the decision to switch to using as close to all natural beauty products as possible. Now, short of whipping up our own coconut oil/ coffee ground exfoliant (oh wait, we did do that one….) since frankly time is not always on our side and we do have the new series of Girls to watch, we’ve done pretty well with the switch.  And now, guess what, results! Without a doubt, we’ve seen a major change in the texture of our skin, the welcome arrival of a dewy glow (exciting right?) and fewer breakouts. Of all the natural skincare lessons we’ve learnt so far (you know the usual, stay hydrated, natural acids are your friends, etc, etc), the best and most valuable tip has been to ‘Get Oily’. 

Previously, we thought oil = greasy skin but we stand corrected. It’s not the case at all. Natural oils don’t contain any unnecessary extras like your normal moisturisers, just a huge dollop of pure, active ingredients that balances your skin, restores natural oils and basically helps your skint to be the best skin it can be. A little like a beauty life coach but better. 

We are now fully oil converted. Having tried out a few* (*read 'many'), here are our favourites: 

Herbivore Botanicals Phoenix All Natural Organic Facial Oil

Phoenix Oil from Herbivore Botanicals

Now our facial essential, this wonder product allows skin to renew with a clever blend of oils and skin regenerating CoQ10. Look forward to dramatically rehydrated and rejuvenates skin, silky soft complexion and texture. And the extra bonus that it smells divine. Sold. 

Mullein and Sparrow Natural Organic Argan Oil for Body Face and Hair

Argan Oil from Mullein & Sparrow

Fairly referred to as ‘liquid gold’, this is our everything oil. For face, body, or hair (clever thing), it boosts cell production, eases inflammation and improves skin elasticity (yes please). We particularly love this product for helping to minimise any scarring and repairing skin tone. 

Mullein and Sparrow French Lavender Organic Natural Body Oil

Lavender Blossom Body Oil from Mullein & Sparrow

Our stand our body oil, this wins every time based solely on it’s out of control lavender scent. Using it after bathing, it has healing, meditative properties that just feel entirely luxurious on application. Slathering this on has become a pre sleep ritual for us and we won’t give it up. 

So, go ahead and oil yourself up, and enjoy!


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