Cookie Policy

In accordance to the EU Cookie Directive, we are making clear the use of cookies on our website. Cookies are tiny pieces of information stored on your computer when you visit a website to help that website re-identify you from a previous visit, and connect that with the data you may have already given that particular website. For example, most shopping website will remember what was stored in your shopping basket if you left the website before checking out on your previous visit. This website has used a cookie to tell it that it was you who place those items in your basket.

So we too are using these little pieces of data. However, we are extremely careful about the content we place on your computer (even though most modern browsers will be extremely vigilant of site trying to add dangerous cookies to your computer). The cookies we use are simply there to identify you, but do not store any information about you, your personal or financial details. And they are secured so that only Red Ruby Rouge can read them.

We do not currently use retargeting. However, we may consider it in future marketing plans. If this is something you feel strongly about please feel free to let us know your views using Twitter or Facebook, or send us an email.

We are proud of our friendly cookies. And we hope you will continue to allow us to use them with you to give you a rich experience of our website and as a customer of Red Ruby Rouge. If you don't trust any cookies then use your browsers preferences to switch them off.

If you have any questions please contact us.