BLUE is the Warmest Colour

Today the RRR team bring to you a re-fresher. No, sadly not the sparkling, lemony, alcoholic kind, but a new stylish, vibrant attitude, that will flip your Summer Blues into the most positive vibes yet! 

We're pretty much half way through our Summer, right? And if your anything like us your hearts and heads are filled with blue skies and body begging seas and maybe even blues over that bikini you SO wanted but actually those -yes plural- icecreams you devoured last week are taking their tole and it's a total no go. (Gutting, we know). 
Fear not! We're here to tell you that those sea dipping, sun soaking dreams need not be crushed just yet and here's how.
Whether it be adorning your fingers with our deepest azure blue crystal ring, or lacing your neckline with a gold encrusted sharks tooth..And if that fails, wiggle your way into our stretchy denim surfer dress for the ultimate laid back luxe look. Surfing? Maybe not this year but with the right attitude we says it's A O.K.

A  little splash here and there or everywhere can and will satisfy your inner Summer spirit. Or at the very least get you in the right attitude.  And if all that fails, let's channel our energy into the oh so coveted New Hampshire landscape fold-over clutch. Mountains on a bag. Who knew? See you later Julie Andrews. HOLA nature embracing summer goddess...
So, if this is anything to go by, let Blue be the Warmest Colour. It's hot to drop and we got plenty of it in stock. 
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