Blurred Lines - An intro to a little thing we call SwellBeing

Here at RRR we like to think of ourselves as the ultimate treasure hunters come fairy godmothers. I.E It is our happy duty to scour the globe high and low to bring you something special, something with a personal touch, something oozing with love, individuality and above all something that blends and seamlessly fuses style with substance. There is so much beauty to be found in blurring this boundary between wellbeing and style slash fashion or whatever you want to call it – we prefer the term swellbeing…

Sea some swellbeing

Some say that as a generation, we take too much pride in our appearances (whatevs), that we don't focus enough on our insides. Beauty lies within right? (Clearly no one saw that S/S 11 Celine collection with the paisley colour blocking print..) Anyway we aren't here to make sweeping statements but we do want to push this snazzy co-existence between the passions of fashion and shake them up a little with wellbeing. 

For us, our covetable items ignite our insides, making us glow inside and out. Impressive right? Style with substance can give you that confidence and unite your inner beauty whilst clothing it in a beautifully made garment or slipping into that silk tee which sits just right (holla Rachel Rose – this mumma will never go out of style) and offers us union of mind body soul AND style. (Yep…RR is magical…no biggie.)


Take your fav staple tanks, ours is of course our Niki Biki range. The slinky marl grey tank somehow rubs our skin up the right way and draws out our inner tigress ~ blurring the boundaries of style with substance. Feline Fine! Namaste or what? Sounds pre-ttay good, no? 

What’s more, we crave the treasure that can transcend boundaries, those items that can be worn from the dance floor to the beach, back to the changing room oh and how could we forget the yoga studio. We did say Namaste..right? Peace and Love PEOPLE! Embrace it! WE DO.

And it pays off. These babies can help house babies – tried and tested one size fits all included RRR’s beautiful 9 month pregnant founder (back in the day that is!). Plus there’s a whole lot more than metal grey (still slightly 50shades inspired..but can you blame us? Our boy Jamie is Holywood born and bred.) We got hot pinks, gelato pinks, lavender purples, noble navies, pristine whites, - there’s a whole lot of love to choose for everyone. And trust, we’ve done our downward dogs cloaked not only in the tanks but the leggings too. That stuff don’t ride up – it lets us sink into our poses meditating and radiating deeper and deeper. Wow. So yeah as you’ve guessed the Niki biki range is pretty much magic but so are You.

That body to clothing contact is more than just aesthetics. For us, it's this awesome tension where our soul meets body but with a stylish twist. By combining comfort with class, style with simplicity, we can safely say these staples ain’t going nowhere and they’re helping us generate a fine vibration ~ the swellbeing kind!


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