The Journal Meets....LEAH GOREN

Great new designer joy!
This season we have the complete pleasure of bringing the epically talented illustrator and designer Leah Goren to our RRR ranks. Having snagged ourselves the Tiger Scarf immediately (you'll know why when you see it), we stole a little of Leah's time to find out a little more about life at LG HQ. What we've learnt? That we wish we were her studio mates....
. . . . . 
Where do you find your inspiration and what is the process of designing like for you?
I'm from Southern California, and it's is so full of warmth and light and plants and growing things year-round. I miss it a lot, so I tend to draw a lot of florals, plants, and wildlife, and paint in bright colors. My studio and my friends are also inspiring. It's amazing to be in a bright, creative environment with people who are busy making beautiful things. 
My process is pretty simple. I draw and paint everything by hand before I scan it onto my computer. From there I format the file to the right dimensions in photoshop, and sometimes tweak the layout or colors.


We would love to know what is your personal favourite piece from your most recent collection?
I love the Tiger scarf, they were so much fun to draw and it's so wearable.
Talk us through an average day in the Leah Reena Goren HQ?
I head to my studio around 10 am and usually leave around 7 pm. I start by making a list of everything I need to get done during the day. It can vary so much. I can spend an entire day on emails, invoicing and contracts, boring administrative tasks, or it can be more creative. Usually it's a mix of both - a couple hours of emails, packing and shipping orders, and the rest of the day on the freelance or personal project of the moment.     


Tell us three things in your studio/ workplace that make it ‘home’ for you.
The light, my studiomates, and all of our plants
Describe your brand in three words?
Colorful, loose, feminine
When you open your laptop each morning, what are the sites you can’t live without?
I don't look at blogs much, Gmail, Instagram, and Twitter are definitely my most frequented sites.   
As you know, you are well and truly on our list, but we’d love to know who is on your list of emerging designers to watch?
Recently I've been loving ceramics by Rebekah Miles, textiles by Julie White, and jewelry by Datter. 


Is there anything special on your shopping wish list this season?
I need to get some new winter boots soon - boring but necessary! I'm hoping to find the perfect black leather clog boot. 
Who is your favourite person to follow on instagram?
My studiomates @rachellevit and @moniiqwa
If you could describe the perfect day in your home city/town/ what would it be?
I'd wake up early and have coffee in the yard, and take a walk along the beach. The rest of the day could be lying out on the beach in the sun, drawing in my sketchbook outside, and getting Mexican food or an acai bowl nearby.     

We’ve become beauty obsessed; please tell us your can’t-live-without beauty product of the moment so that we can try it out...
I just tried out a Boscia's bb cream and really loved it, it made my skin feel so even and smooth. 
Where is your favourite place on earth?
The beach in Carlsbad, CA   
A last critical question (!) – if you could be any fictional character, who would be it?
Harriet the Spy
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