The Guest Edit with Kate Finnigan


As Fashion Features Director of Stella, The Sunday Telegraph, Kate Finnigan’s view is style gold dust. Interviewed countless celebrities (some better dressed than others), writing Stella's Style Maven column, and contributing for Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, W, The Guardian and The Independent, imagine our complete joy to have Kate give us a run down of her essentials from the Red Ruby Rouge roster this winter. 


Mullein & Sparrow's Tinted Lip and Cheek Balm £9

"I'm so lazy about beauty so love my multi tasking products. This is a good one - and for under a tenner? A bargain."


ASH Skinny Gold Bar Porcelain Earrings £55

"I've just had my ears pierced and am going mad for earrings. These will add a touch of class all day, any day" 



Amber Hagan's French Stripe Sweater £179

"A stripe never fails to win me over. But a stripe with a heart? The Cupid of Fashion has struck me down..."

Leah Goren Black Cat Scarf £89

How cute? I love Leah Goren's hand blocked prints. This kitty is just purrfect...."

Aster + Bay Body Glow Serum £45

"This is perfect post-shower, pre-party and adds a nice sense of ritual (as well as that glow) to the evening."

Voila Kate's season hit list, consider it our immediate wish list.... Thank you Kate!

Follow Kate on Twitter at @k_finnigan and Instagram at katefinniganlady.

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