Oils - The New Way To Cleanse

We love us some beauty blogs here at RRR and if you're anything like us, you can't have missed the current push from the pros exulting the benefits of using oils to cleanse and moisturise the skin. Turns out if you do a little more reading, this 'fad' is actually one based on fact and we do love the path to natural beauty ;)

So let us enlighten you as to why you should ditch those factory produced, chemical laden moisturizers and make the switch to all-natural, all-organic oils.

Steam me up BABY

Begin with a pore opening, skin softening steam.  Our beautiful, floral scented, herbal steam from Mullein and Sparrow will do this and more. Not only will you feel as though you're bathing your face in rose petals, but this also helps to facilitate the release of impurities. Your skin is then able more able to absorb the vital nutrients contained in the natural oils. Clever right? 


Oils to Cleanse

FACT: Oil dissolves oil - massaging oil into the skin will dissolve oil that has hardened with impurities and stuck in your pores. It cleanses gently and naturally removes dirty oil while moisturising and replenishing with cleaner, more beneficial oils.

Oils to Moisturise

You may think that oils will just make you look shiny and greasy especially if you’re already prone to oily skin but fret not. These oils really are magic. Just the smallest drop will provide the necessary lubrication to prevent your skin from over-compensating in its oil production. This is the kind of fact we can get on board with.

We’ve got you covered with our all-natural, organic beauty products from Aster & Bay. The whole range is made in house from formulating to designing products after founder Erin Hammond was inspired by her studies in botany, plant folklore and herbal alchemy.

Our newest addition from the Aster & Bay line is the totally transportable travel kit. Perfect for trying and testing the process of oil cleansing these one-ounce bottles of cleansing oil, toner, facial serum and dandelion grains are the whole package all in a handy muslin bag. Beauty on the go. We love! 

Now go forth and cleanse x

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