Keeping it Ethical: Designers to Inspire

Our goal here at RRR is to bring unique and beautiful things to unique and beautiful people – you lovely customers! We believe that quality and design go hand in hand but above all we love the thought and inspiration behind the products that we sell.

That’s why we hand pick only the most talented, thoughtful and creative designers we can find. We want to spread the word, their designs and most importantly their ethos.


The phrase bold, brave and beautiful couldn’t be more apt when it comes to the South African, hand crafted designs of one of our more recent and most popular designers, Katherine Pichulik, pictured above with none other than Rosita Missoni wearing her designs.

Her accessories are inspired by travel, exotic lands, and tribalism but above all, by the intimate relationship women have with their jewellery. Beautiful pieces, with sentimental value, that stand for something; be it the bold, vivacious colours symbolising ferocity or a chunky statement piece emoting strength and empowerment. Her designs are more than just jewellery; they are a piece of the wearer.

One of our favourite attributes in a new designer is the desire to produce fairly and sustainably. Bee Friedmann (with a background in craft development in South Africa) and Amy Fleuriot (Accessories designer of London College of Fashion) joined forces with the intention to create unique and mindful products and so, their fairtrade accessories line Hiro + Wolf was born.

Sharp, geometric shapes - all hand crafted in Kenya from brass, silver and mango wood - make these earrings truly striking and unusual.

In our most recent interview for The Journal, the lovely Lee Coren gave us a few pearls of wisdom,

There’s a Hebrew phrase I really really believe in, which goes ‘I learned from all my teachers’ – your teachers aren’t your schoolteachers. It’s every human being that you respect, that you meet along the way, you have something to learn from everyone.”

It is this belief to learn from everyone and everything that enables Lee to find and appreciate the beauty in our everyday surroundings. From awesome natural landscapes to hidden patterns in the urban environment, her beautiful work inspires us every day to take a step back and appreciate what is overlooked.


Speaking of things fair and beautiful – our scarves from Sophia Costas are all hand crafted in Nepal by local women from natural, locally sourced materials.

Swedish designer, Mia Berglund, founded this ethical line inspired by global travel and we cannot get enough of these super cute prints. The scheme aims to help women from small villages or troubled backgrounds to earn a living and a fair wage. They are trained at their own pace by an NGO in order to help their children and families.

Inspired? Us too. Clearly ethical style is where it's at. These are just a few of our emerging designers who are paving the way for more sustainable, quality design. Let them inspire you (as the have us!) to be more mindful in your purchases, and more thoughtful in your lives.


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