Natural, Organic Hair Care – because we care*



 We love a tousled mess of beachy, care-free hair. But if you thought that naturally highlighted, beach wave look only comes with island living, we have something for you… 

Introducing the Love + Salt Hair Mist from Olivine. This beach scent in a bottle is organic, vegan and totally natural containing a mixture of coconut oil, French sea salt and Himalayan pink salt for effortless beach waves.

 Both volume enhancing and naturally lightening, this little concoction will give you those beach babe vibes AND in a 2 oz bottle – it’s hand luggage friendly!



Now, if your hair’s a little untameable (I feel dat sista) and the heat and sea water is a little too much to take – FRET NOT.

This Goe Oil balm from Jao Brand is literally a multipurpose miracle in a tube!

For Hair: Use a little on the ends to tame damaged hair, to control flyaways in up-dos and even to add shine to dried out hair.

For Body: Softens dry, chapped skin (creator Gale Mayron took inspiration from her chemist father).

Face: Cleanses, moisturises and even removes make-up!


Total. Miracle. Product.



 And now for all you healthy living, active fools (jokes, we love it) – all that scraping hair back and constant washing damages your locks so bad… why do you do it?

The least you can do is treat it to some soft fabric hair ties from Emi Jay.

The wide bands provide more support and prevent breakage plus their new Flexx styles (named for the hottest beaches in the world – Bondi, Santa Cruz, Laguna…) are made from 100% neoprone – waterproof and durable.


You can thank us later.





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