Real Jewellery, Real Silver

JLO EarringsAt RRR Headquarters we think your jewellery should be real and each design is made to make you feel radiant and fa-bu-lous. This is what silver jewellery should do. 
Statement Earrings Silver
The price of silver is going up like never before 📈. The price today is currently $27.99 per ounce (8th june 2021). It is said that Silver will rise to $50 within the year of 2024, $60 in 2026, $75 in 2028, $80 in 2029 and $90 in 2031 (Monex Live).
If your accessories are literally a precious metal investment, why would you keep buying overpriced costume jewellery?
When you invest in decent jewellery, buying disposible throwaway pieces will be a thing of the past, you won't sit at your next meeting with itchy ears and silver does not go green. (Hooray!)
Why are Silver and Gold Earrings not itchy? Why do Silver Earrings not irritate my ears?
All our Wow Earrings are Silver. Silver is the second most stable, non recative metal in the recativity series only second to Gold. A real stable and precious metal, which if looked after properly can literally be treasured forever. The planet is literally running out of silver. Keep that a secret, you heard it here first. 
When we invest in decent jewellery we feel confident, sexy, can justify spending the money and may even pass it down to our grandkids one day (yaas queen!)
At RRR headquarters we don't spend our money on tat and would never dream of putting it in our ears, we love you and don't think you should either.
Statement Earrings
These 100% 925 Silver Statement Wow Earrings are the Ultimate Dangle Earring and go with everything. Get yourself dressed and get that promotion!
Statement Earrings
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