Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Scrub…

Here at Red Ruby Rouge we have a delightful little family beauty secret that will keep you looking bright eyed from your morning shower to your evening glass of wine, and the secret you may ask? Nothing more than the roast behind the small sumptuous moment on your commute to work, or that cultivated blend that exists alongside your slice of afternoon cake, why simply, it’s coffee.

This delightful little devil is there for all those moments in the day when you simply need to just sit back and take stock , those few little extra minutes can really make all the difference, you can have this indulgent treat not just in your morning coffee shop or in your reusable mug but in your shower.

Over the past few years, coffee has revealed itself to be a product that not only will wake you up but, exfoliated onto the skin, will preserve skin firmness and prevent the appearance of cellulite.

French beauty brand Terre De Mars have taken the insightful beauty secret of one of the founders’ grandmother, who used coffee as an exfoliant, and have produce an exquisite exfoliant that is 100% natural at the same time elegant. Using the natural coffee scrub on your skin has many benefits such as increasing collagen production, helping to breakdown fat layers, removing dead cells and impurities and helping to fight against acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Terre De Mars combines the many useful properties of coffee with precious oils which create a cultivated exfoliant with even more benefits. The Terre De Mars Luminance Coffee Scrub (£14.99) is a beautiful blend of Arabica Coffee, turmeric, lemon, castor oil, argan oil which eliminate cellular debris to leave a soft and hydrated skin.

The Terre De Mars Resurgence Coffee Scrub (£14.99) combines coffee with natural and organic ingredients including aloe vera, shea butter and bamboo all to promote a soft and silky skin.

So why not indulge yourself in a thick bodied coffee scrub to get that extra bolt of energy for your day.

By Joanna Mason

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