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How many of us have purchased £5 earrings, worn them once or twice only to dash them into the abyss when they tarnish? Truly this will be the move of villains in future Disney and Pixar movies. When you invest in high spec silver jewellery you won't have to keep buying disposable throwaway jewellery pieces.  

The issue costume jewellery presents is not only the tarnishing and not being hypoallergenic (red itchy ears and skin, no merci!), but we must also consider the environmental impact of fast fashion.


Image Source: Cruella Walt Disney Studios

Alloy metals and their plastic friends are not biodegradable, 300+ years in landfill for only two nights out? We know this is not sustainable fashion. We have all had time to take stock of our wardrobe and past decisions. Many of us have decluttered and sworn off throwaway fashion. Opting for thoughtful consumption making the switch is a worthwhile journey to begin.
Do I love this? Will I treasure this beyond this season? Can I pass this onto my daughter one day? This is how to buy for keeps and not to merely consume.
Plastic Free Jewellery Company

Silver Kiss Necklace in Plastic Free Box


Plastic Free Packaging

At Red Ruby Rouge there are no 80's plastic jewellery boxes to be found here. We know plastic free packaging is important and have made no compromises with our presentation boxes, they have a gorgeous texture and opening a silver jewellery gift from us is a treat for all the senses.

We all agree plastic free is the way forward, our outer packaging (think Amazon boxes) is made from 100% card and our sexy inner RRR boxes are also made from card. Everything except the very thin red foam box insert are plastic free (We are always on the lookout for a more green foam alternative).

Plastic Free 2021 Companies

Making you feel good is our mission, and in a world of fast fashion and mass production we offer you timeless, unique pieces that go beyond seasons and will be cherished for a lifetime. 


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