Wilful Ink

Wilful Ink is based in Saltdean, a strange little place on the outskirts of Brighton.
The company was created out of the obsessive inkings of E O'Brennan-Pizer who was told by her father that she was a very wilful girl indeed. Perhaps this is why she created her own company to showcase her creepy art...

Each illustration is originally drawn in ink and watercolour before being reproduced..

The darker side of nature is a constant theme coupled with vibrant, deep colours and unusual subjects. The maximalist designs have been described as ‘grown up goth’ and challenge the idea that modern adult spaces should be bland.

These darkling creations have echoes of Victorian and Art Deco influences but also have the feeling of something mysteriously otherplace.

Every item in the Wilful Ink range is made in England to the highest standards. Partnering with small British manufacturers means no sweatshops are used.


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