New Earrings Launch Party!

Amy Christophers Presents: Phoenix Rising from the Ashes 

Amy Christophers' new addition to her earring line is finally here! 

Bringing you a very unique and inspiring design with a story of triumph

Amy Christophers Married at First Sight

These Black  Statement Earrings are not only fierce and unique, but they are a vocalization of a very powerful feeling; of rising again through any adversity.


On the 10th of November we celebrated the

fabulous launch of Amy Christopher's latest

design with WOW Earrings at Luban Restaurant



Amy Christophers Celebrated Earrings Launch


Phoenix Rising from the Ashes WOW Earrings Launch at Luban

These earrings have a lot of meaning, Amy Chrstophers lovingly designed every detail of these earrings and we have to say: what a result!

These are no throwaway costume jewellery earrings. Every details was considered: from the materials used (tarnish resistant black gold) to the precious stones details ( Black Tourmaline ) to the weight of the earrings (very lightweight and comfortable) as well as ensuring they are accessibly priced. Our girl deserves a crown.


Luban Liverpool Private Dining Room Chinese Restaurant

Thank you Luban Liverpool for the amazing experience and five star hosting.

Our WOW by Amy Earrings launch event was a day to remember.

Luban Restaurant Best Chinese Restaurant

We enjoyed the most delicious gorument food Liverpool has to offer.

This Chinese restaurant is something else, we were blown away by the menu. pictured here, is the Roast breast and ‘salt and pepper popcorn’ of Cornfed Chicken, cashew, smoked chilli, green onion, Kung pao sauce. We also enjoyed some delicious sides, but were too busy in food heaven to take a photo!

Luban Restaurant

Another showstopper was the dessert a real delight for all the senses! We will never forget this magnificent Chocolate Sphere consisting of a White chocolate dome with peanut butter and sesame ice cream and smoked sea salt caramel. 



Best Chinese Restaurant England

We had the pleasure of having the private dining experience with Master Chef Dave J Critchley himself and Luban Restaurant Liverpool is on par with Hakkasan as the Best Chinese Restaurant in England.

If you’re in Liverpool, then go experience it for yourself with everything you would want from a date night food, ambiance and soft moody lighting.


Statement Black Earrings

Amy Christophers commented "These earrings mean the most to me, and it was so important I did the prelaunch on World Mental Health day!"

"I wanted something that would empower the wearer and stand for the struggles we have all faced in life, we all have our own stories to tell.

"We have all felt rock bottom at some point in our lives, these earrings represent having the courage to start over, it’s never too late to change something or decide not to give up. We can all rise from the ashes, it doesn’t have to be the end."

"I wanted a simple geometric shaped Phoenix, I wanted black as you never see many black earrings and they go with everything. Black is a powerful colour & will add timeless style and sophistication to any outfit."

"I did not want to rush this design, lots of love and attention to detail has gone into creating these earrings. Making them light, durable and including one of my favourite precious stones to make them extra special." Amy Christophers 


Amy Christophers Black Earrings Launch WOW Earrings

Slow fashion jewellery made to last is the only way forward when it comes to jewellery. They are made from stainless steel with durable Black Gold plating. 

"The earrings have black tourmaline crystals incorporated in the design, this is one of my favourite crystals.. It was vital to me I included it in my design."


Black Statement Earrings

"Not only that, but a percentage from each sale will go to the charity I’m a proud ambassador for "


SOS Suicide UK Charity



 "And just as the Phoenix rose from the ashes, she too will rise. Returning from the flames, clothed in nothing but her strength, more beautiful than ever before."

Shannen Heartzs

Massive thank you to for hosting us at 🥰

Big thank you to PR for organising ❤️ it was perfect!

Styled by dress @karen_millen 🧡 #amysos 

WOW Earrings Liverpool Launch Event   Phoenix Black Statement EarringsUK Charity

Amy with WOW Earrings Owners Kattya and Alison


"These earrings represent having the courage to start over, it’s never too late"  

Amy Christophers




Luban Liverpool Earring Launch Event

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