#WWL This Week - TT Races

#WWL This Week - TT Races

#WWL What We're Loving - The Biker Chic Rock Look

TT racing 2022 was back with Va-Va-Vroom to the one and only Isle of Man and when trying to find inspiration sadly not many festival TT looks spring up on our google searches. It is a festival for the senses; crazy fast racing, music, food and scenic views. It oozes feel good festival vibes, one look around and you can tell everyone is thrilled to be there and have had the TT motorbike races on their lifetime bucket lists. 

We bring you Festival Biker Rock Chic looks alongside facts you didn't know about the Isle of man TT Motorbike Races.

TT Races Isle of Man Facts about Isle of Man Rocker Looks 2022

1. Girls race alongside Guys

It does not get more badgal than navigating the life-risking street racecourse at lightning speeds on a motorbike, whilst racing a bunch of guys, but lots of girl racers not only show up, but also get the job done. 

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2. Live Bands

There are three festivals that take place in the Isle of Man during the TT racing fortnight, Bushey's Village, the TT Village and 1886 Stage. Expect live bands, delicious street food trucks and all the festival vibes you would feel at Reading and Leeds Festival. This year we loved Jessie J, Faithless, Rag & Bone Man and Becky Hill at the TT Isle of Man 2022.

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3. Manx Cats without Tails do exist and you will spot them when visiting the Isle of Man 

The reason why they have no tail is because they have a genetic spinal disorder that shortens their spine known as spina bifida is a neurological developmental abnormality characterized by improper growth and formation of vertebral arches. They are loved by all and considered very lucky.

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4. Northern Lights can be seen from the Isle of Man

The closest place to see the Northern Lights in Great Britain is not only Scotland, but also the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man is only a short boat ride from Heysham or Liverpool or a 1 hour flight from Gatwick or Heathrow.

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5. The Isle of Man was never in the EU, it is not in the United Kingdom, but it is part of Great Britain..

This year's 2022 TT Races coincided with the Queen's Platinum Jubilee and everyone on the Isle of Man celebrated the Queen's Platinum Jubilee because the Isle of Man is a crown dependency after all..


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Lee Coren Black Clutch Bag

 The Driving age in the Isle of Man is 16

Teenagers are allowed to drive and sit their driving test from the age of 16.

In the first year of passing their test new drivers must drive with R plates and they are not allowed to drive more than 50 miles per hour.


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