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Born in Iran, and raised in Sweden, Mia Berglund opened her first shop in 1994 in Copenhagen, Denmark. and Sweden. Shortly after Mia opened her boutique Flying A (one of our NYC favs) in New York City, bringing a Swedish casual luxury to the US. Drawing from her experiences globe trotting, Mia looked to work more closely with textile design and from this, was born the ethically driven line Sophia Costas. Teaming beautiful natural fabrics with sweet, quirky designs, look forward to wearable, giftable products from this beautiful line. More than that though, Mia and her various ventures aim to help and support women in Nepal who are homeless and come from small villages to try to find a living. Working with an NGO that trains them at their own pace, the goal is to help individuals become the sole breadwinner for their children and families. What could be better than impeccable design teamed with impeccable ethical values? Snaps to you Mia.

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