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The Midnight Deer

The Midnight Deer Single Blue Glacier Pendant

The Midnight Deer Single Blue Glacier Pendant

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We're in love with a mid length chain and this dark blue single glacier pendant is a beauty. Peacock shades of moving colour on this dyed quartz, suspended on a gold plated chain. 

Necklace is made from dyed Quartz crystal. Quartz is known for clarity, power + energy. This item is packaged in paper gift wrap and product info card so you can read about the crystals used. Please note that each pendant is one of a kind, with crystals varying slightly in size and colour.  Handmade in the UK.

The Midnight Deer is a small Brighton/ London based jewellery and accessories brand focusing on handmade pieces, and sought out treasures. Using mouth watering naturally coloured stone pendants, edgy metal combinations and whimsical designs, it’s clear why this brand is a favourite in the UK and abroad as well as on the UK festival circuit

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